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Are you interested in learning how to work on mental wellness outside of the therapy room? Do you want to expand on the work you are doing in therapy between sessions? 


The Doing My Work Therapy Journal was created to help you take your therapy sessions to the next level! The guided pages will help you to take note of the therapy insights you want to remember, express your feelings immediately after and between sessions, engage in self-discovery, create plans for practicing new skills outside of therapy, and keep track of progress towards your goals. This powerful and practical journal will guide you toward deepening your self-awareness and developing a more empowering relationship with your emotions. The real work happens between therapy sessions. Get the journal that guides you through making the most of that time!

The Doing My Work Therapy Journal

  • This guided journal is designed for therapy clients seeking to expand on the mental wellness work you are doing outside of the therapy room, deepen self-awareness, and for those who are considering starting therapy.

    Inside this beautiful journal you’ll find:

    • Therapy-companion pages designed to promote wellness and amplify your growth

    • Guided pages to help you see yourself and your thoughts more clearly

    • Pages to write down in-session insights and experiences

    • Ample space to reflect on takeaways after a therapy session

    • Guidance for creating goals you will be motivated to achieve

    • Powerful journal prompts to help you connect with your truth and live authentically

    Make the most of therapy, make the most of yourself!

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