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As a speaker, I am passionate about using my mental health expertise and lived experiences to equip individuals and communities with the skills necessary to transform into the highest version of themselves, both personally and professionally. My mission is to encourage, challenge, and inspire attendees to realize their full potential. My talks are engaging, vulnerable, uplifting, practical, and transformative.


I have over 10 years of experience speaking at conferences, universities, community events, women’s retreats, churches, and professional trainings for healthcare professionals and teachers. I am equally comfortable speaking to intimate and larger groups, and I can accommodate multi-day events. I work with event organizers to create custom, skills-based experiences that meet your desired goals.

Life + Faith:

  • Managing Your Mental Health

  • Why You Need to Be More Mindful and Meditate

  • Embracing Vulnerability and Authenticity

  • Self-Care for the Strong Black Woman of Faith

  • Self-Care Prescriptions for Christians

  • Self-Care Prescriptions for Ambitious Women

  • Living Your One Life Well

My Most Requested Topics:

Professional Training/Consultation:

  • Empowering Mental and Healthcare Professionals to Work Effectively with Sexual Trauma

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Interpersonal Trauma Survivors

  • Cultural Diversity and Trauma Recovery: Working Effectively with Marginalized Groups

  • How to Get Systems to Acknowledge Trauma Exposure, Address Its Impact, and Do Something About It

  • Let’s Take a Mindful Minute: Integrating Mindfulness in Primary Healthcare and Education

  • Interpersonal Trauma Treatment: CPT, PE, and ACT Techniques for Improved Outcomes

*As a trained consultant and long-time educator, I am available to provide consultation to colleagues, agencies, and therapists-in-training on specific therapeutic approaches, clinical challenges, and cultural climate concerns.

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It's an honor to be considered. Although I’d love to accept every speaking request that comes my way, the realities of my schedule means that I can only accept a limited number of engagements. I am very committed to work-life balance and prioritizing self-care. You know, practicing what I preach ! Please complete the form below and someone from my team will be in touch promptly

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